“Privilege” (Original Poem)


History is his story and manmade by his hands

Power shifting upward from scape to land

Myths of fables disguised as new

Yet if you asked to be included there is only the ‘why’ in you?

Generations of wealth given only to the chosen

Like how manifest destiny was just selective pre-destination

If black tears and dark labor can be justified through time

Then who are the ones that should be truly vilified?

Since organs dictate position and color dictate ammunition

Bruising each other only to be someone else’s competition

If you use your eyes you see gender, stature, and race

But if you look just a little deeper you see the soul of another human face



Elizabeth Ulanova

traveler| tech sociologist| visual artist| writer| 📍 landscape architecture @Harvard ’25 | @Cambridge ’20 | @Columbia ’19 | elizabethulanova.com